Welcome to the Trinity!

The beginning to new beginnings


When I speak of Trinity I mean ‘Spirit,Mind,Body’, in other words ‘Spirituality, Physicality, and Mentality’! Those are the foundations of fitness! When you are able to connect all three and put them to work together in order to support and keep your passion alive for being healthy in life, that is the only way you can maintain a lifestyle of freedom!

To me the world is currently set up to always put obstacle in your life. Everyone has their own obstacles to overcome: financially, obesity, depression, anxiety, injuries, deaths, and sickness. But trust me when I say that fitness will help you overcome so many of these obstacles. It takes time but, as my favorite saying, “Patience, is a virtue.” One must have patience to succeed. A drive to pursue passion, but the patience to make it grow!

When you have Spirit, Mind, and Body all connected with one another then you have formed a Trinity within you. I am horrible at endings but thank you for following me on my adventure through life and fitness. I promise with reading this you will learn how to deal with obstacles and how you can overcome them.

My father always said “To always be smarter than the problem”. I know ‘smarter’ isn’t a word but it fits the sentence. ^.^